Business Consulting


We price, we manage, and we advise. We will not let you get lost in the maze of analyses, regulations, and legal acts.

Due dilligence

We are comprehensively engaged in identifying and providing our Partners with reliable information on the entity covered by the due diligence study. We will identify and quantify risks and threats in the entity under investigation.

Our team of experts has vast knowledge and extensive experience and offers a full range of financial, strategic, and tax due diligence services. We go to great lengths to understand our Partners' business and investment strategy, after which we propose the best approach to each transaction. We focus on strategic points related to the transaction that may affect the price or post-transaction issues, and we accompany our Partners until the transaction is finalized.

Corporate finance

We support our Partners in decision-making processes regarding maximizing the value of their companies and ensuring a stable foundation for long-term growth. The corporate finance services we provide have a wide range of financial tools to assess a company's financial and economic situation, model business processes, value a company and its assets, and assess the sector. We assist our Partners in developing business plans, financial planning, economic and financial analyses, venture feasibility studies, merger and acquisition consulting, investor support, project financing, raising capital and credit, and bad loans.


As independent experts with valuation expertise and advanced analytical skills, we know that value and price are critical issues in any transaction. We know and understand the value drivers that can affect a business’s price and the importance of intangible assets.

In addition to extensive experience that allows us to apply the most appropriate valuation methods in a given case, we have extensive comparative analysis knowledge. Thanks to this, we provide solutions that bring high-added value to our Partners through the following services: enterprise valuation, trademark valuation, and impairment testing.

Equity transactions

We assist our partners in obtaining the optimal concept and its smooth implementation. Our consulting is preceded by a detailed analysis of the entity's functioning and diagnosis of the fundamental problems. As a result, our Partners receive reliable development recommendations, the primary goal of which is to increase their competitive position. Our overriding principle of consulting is to jointly define the criteria to assess the attractiveness of individual solutions.

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