Subsidies and investment allowances


We offer a comprehensive approach to the state aid application process and assistance at every stage, starting from the preparation of the project concept through the preparation of the application and attachments until the final settlement of the aid obtained.

Analysis and concept

Based on the information provided by you (the Investor), we analyze the available support programs in terms of adequacy for your projects. Then, in cooperation with the Investor, we prepare a Project Concept, based on the documentation requirements for a given program and the information on the project received from the Investor. Our work aims to determine the likelihood of receiving support and increasing the project’s chances of success, as well as identify the most appropriate sources of support for your project.

Preparation of the grant application

PWB indicates the information necessary to prepare a complete grant application and all the required attachments. We work closely with the Investor in determining the project's structure. We make sure that the project meets the assessment criteria and, at the same time, is based on assumptions that will allow for easy implementation (risk minimization). We coordinate the preparation of information needs by the Investor - collecting available documentation on the planned investment. We indicate additional information, documents, and attachments that can increase the chances of obtaining support. We prepare a complete subsidy application with all attachments based on the information received, technical designs, environmental impact assessment reports, environmental decisions, and financial forecasts provided by the Investor.

Preparation of documentation

Once the grant is awarded, the PWB team participates in preparing the documents necessary for signing the grant agreement. We support the Investor in preparing the schedule of activities and contract documents, developing the required amendments to the project, and verifying the formal and contextual aspects of the necessary attachments to sign the grant agreement.

Support at the implementation stage

Our support at the stage of project implementation includes ongoing contacts with relevant institutions, coordination of state aid obtained from various sources, piloting project implementation by the guidelines and the grant agreement, project settlement - preparation of applications (intermediate, final) for payment of grants, preparation of reports (intermediate, final) on the implementation of the project and during the durability period, assistance in preparing for the project control by the Implementing Authority, on request - participation in the control, which applies both to the period of implementation and sustainability of the project, monitoring of project settlement and payment of funding.


Staff training

During the project implementation, we conduct training for employees involved in its implementation. The training covers the requirements outlined in the grant agreement, including the proper conduct of the bidding procedure related to the selection of suppliers, and topics related to reporting, promotional duties, requirements related to the maintenance and archiving of project documentation, etc., as well as the applicable regulations in the field of state aid.

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